Work Permits for Foreign Workers Skilled in Unique Technologies and Machines

    Work Permits for Foreign Workers Skilled in Unique Technologies and Machines

    In light of a growing number of projects and mega-projects in Israel, including both governmental and private projects, the Israeli government has decided to allow Israeli and foreign companies to employ foreign workers in Israel performing unique technology and mechanization work that is not available in Israel and can only be done through cooperation with a foreign entity.

    The required procedure allows the employment of foreign experts that are not included in the “Foreign Experts procedure” (Procedure No. 9.4.004). The advantages of this procedure over the “Foreign Experts procedure” are: 

    • It allows the employing company to submit one application to employ dozens and even hundreds of foreign experts for a specific project. 
    • The company can pay salaries according to Israel’s average salary for the same job. This differs from the “Foreign Experts procedure” which requires a salary that is at least double Israel’s national salary (totalling 20,856 NIS as of 2021).
    • The permit issued will be valid throughout the project period, and not just for one year.

    However, At the same time, this special procedure does include strict requirements that require close examination of the project and technology. Issuance of work permits in accordance with a unique technology and automation procedure requires a lengthy and complex bureaucratic procedure (with a duration of approximately 6 months from the date of submission of the application).

    The application must include an accurate list of all types of work to be performed with unique technology or mechanization that are not available in Israel. The application must also include, among other things, “Gaant charts” (work schedules), milestone details, details about the number of employees required to complete each milestone, and plans and documents supporting the need for the application. Submission of a partial application will lead to partial approval of the application, or even rejection.

    The permit will be issued only after approval by the Advisory Committee of the Population and Immigration Authority, together with recommendations from the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Welfare and Social Services. After obtaining the Ministers’ consent, the company will be notified of the principle approval of the employment permit in accordance with section 1M of the Foreign Workers Law, which will specify the permit conditions as determined by the Commissioner, including the cumulative preconditions for the permit to take effect, as described below:

    • Application fee payment.
    • Bank guarantee deposit.
    • Recruitment of someone in charge of supervision (required to be an Israeli citizen with a suitable background).

    After meeting the conditions, the company will be issued a work permit, detailing the maximum number of employees allowed to participate in the project, the duration of the permit, and its conditions.

    The work permit can be utilized at the Bureau of the Population and Immigration Authority, depending on the city of registration of the requesting company.

    It should be noted that the procedure for employing foreign workers in unique technology and automation jobs is complex and requires careful consideration, and extensive experience for the purpose of its optimal implementation and obtaining work permits in general and the required amount in particular. Submitting an application without all the required information and attachments will lead to partial approval of the application, and even to its rejection.



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