Work Permits for Foreign Academic Experts

    Work Permits for Foreign Academic Experts

    Foreign Expert Procedure 5.3.0041 allows the employment of a foreign academic expert (engineer, consultant, supervisor, foreman / senior manager, etc.) with a unique expertise that cannot be found in Israel. As part of this procedure, the foreign specialist will need to present proof of higher academic education as part of the requirements for obtaining a work permit (for information on requirements for a foreign expert who is not academic, click here).

    Employment of foreign experts requires the employer to have type B/1 work permits issued, as well as matching work visas. This entails a long bureaucratic procedure which consists of several stages. It takes about 6 to 8 weeks for a company to receive such visas, with significant consideration given to which company is submitting the applications, the documents submitted by the company, and the information submitted regarding the need for the foreign experts in Israel. Applications which are submitted without all of the required documentation and/or details attached may be delayed or even rejected.

    As part of the procedure’s requirements, the company is obligated to pay the foreign expert a salary which is no less than double the average Israeli salary. As of 2021, that sum would equal 20,856 NIS a month. It is at the Commissioner’s discretion to require a higher salary for a foreign worker with an average salary that is higher than the average Israeli salary.

    Please note: A foreign expert who is employed in Israel for up to three months must be paid Israel’s minimum wage.

    The steps in the procedure for obtaining a foreign expert work permit and visa:

    Step 1: Submitting an application for a work permit in the Population, Immigration and Border Crossing Authority’s Work Permits Unit in Jerusalem.

    Step 2: Submitting an application for a B / 1 work visa and entry visa to Israel at the Ministry of the Interior, and sending the authorization to the Israeli consulate abroad.

    Step 3: Issuing a work permit at the Israeli consulate of the foreign expert’s country of origin (usually, a B/1 work permit is for one month only).

    Step 4: Extending the work permit’s validity to the desired duration upon the foreign expert’s arrival in Israel’s airport, and applying for a multi-entry visa at the Ministry of Interior. 

    The steps above relate to the standard and orderly procedure- however, depending on different circumstances and evolving policies, the steps in the process may be shortened or lengthened, and at each stage a requirement for additional documents, reports and relevant information for the Authority may be received. In addition, most of the procedures involve the payment of government fees.

    Within the framework of this procedure, it is possible to obtain visitation visas for first-degree family members of a foreign expert for the duration of employment in Israel. 

    The work permit can be extended annually for a year at a time, until a cumulative maximum of 63 months.

    Please note:

    Working in Israel without a valid work visa is a legal violation which may result in severe penalties, including: substantial fines (more than 5,000 NIS per business day), the arrest and deportation of the foreign expert (which may result in the possible impairment of the foreign expert’s ability to be employed in other countries), and even criminal proceedings against company executives in Israel and abroad.

    Referring to a law firm that specializes in Israeli commercial immigration law (and specifically in the immigration of foreign experts) will allow the visa applicant to be issued a work visa quickly and professionally, and will significantly increase the chances of obtaining desired results.

    Are you interested in employing foreign experts in Israel? Contact us today, and we will be happy to assist you in obtaining the necessary permits and visas!



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