Student Visa

    A foreign national who strives to study in recognized academic institution in Israel is required to obtain a Student Visa (A/2 Visa). This visa will be granted to students enrolled for degrees in institutions recognized by the Council for Higher Education and/or to those attending vocational schools, primary schools, high schools, Talmudic colleges, etc.

    As a general rule, a student visa will not be granted to an applicant interested in attending an Ulpan (intensive Hebrew school) or pre-degree programs. During the course of his/her studies, the student may not work in Israel.

    In case the student is interested in extending the visa by one additional year, the Israeli Ministry of Interior may request proof of Completion of Studies for the previous academic year. (I.e., a report card, a Completion of Studies Confirmation, etc.).

    This visa may be issued in Israel and/or abroad.


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