Work Permits for Foreign Athletes

    Work Permits for Foreign Athletes

    The State of Israel, like many other countries, allows foreign athletes in the various sports to work (ie, play / compete) in Israel. This includes but is not limited to ball games. Apart from football, basketball, handball and volleyball, there are many other and lesser-known sports that may employ foreign athletes.

    The employment of foreign athletes in Israel legally requires the issuance of specific athlete work permits. The said permits are included under the umbrella group of “foreign experts” and are subject to all the conditions and requirements set forth in the Entry into Israel Law, the Foreign Workers Law and the procedures of the Population and Immigration Authority.

    In order to receive an employment permit in this field, the association / league / team in which the foreign athlete is expected to play must submit a detailed application to the Work Permit Unit of the Population and Immigration Authority. We recommend submitting the application when the foreign athlete is still outside the borders of Israel or is in Israel and in possession of  an applicant visa (tryout) .

    For the purpose of submitting the application, it is mandatory to gather certain documents, including: a detailed letter of explanation, a specific recommendation from the sport’s administration, verified affidavits, and other documents. After being issued the requested permit, a corresponding B/1 work visa must be obtained as well.

    We at the law firm of Iftach Hanan & Co. are experts in obtaining work permits and work visas for foreign athletes, coaches and others with sports careers. We work with a large number of teams from various major sports leagues in Israel.


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