Significant Progress in Israeli Immigration Operations Amidst Global Challenges

    We are pleased to inform you that, as part of the gradual return to normalcy amidst ongoing challenges, there has been a significant development in the operations of government bureaus in Israel, particularly those related to immigration.

    We are happy to report that more offices within the Ministry of Population are now open and functioning. Most notably, the Work Permit Unit and Visas Unit is operating at full capacity. This progress is a crucial step in facilitating the smooth processing of work visas and permits, essential for foreign experts and workers involved in major projects in Israel.

    In a notable development, on December 14, 200 additional workers from Malawi landed to work in the agriculture sector, which has faced significant challenges since the war’s outbreak. Recently, about 1,300 workers arrived in Israel, providing much-needed assistance to farmers in various regions. Additionally, following an agreement signed by Interior Minister Moshe Arbel with the Sri Lankan government, the first group of 100 workers for the agriculture sector is expected to arrive this week.

    Furthermore, in response to the needs of the Israeli economy, the government is actively working to recruit foreign workers across various sectors, including for the Industrial sector. This initiative is aimed at ensuring the continuous progression and success of projects in Israel, reflecting the nation’s resilience and adaptability.

    Our team at IFTACH HANAN & Co. remains committed to assisting you with any immigration-related needs during this period. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide you with timely updates.


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