Immigration Law Update – Israel, October 9, 2023

    Dear All,

    Due to the current security situation in Israel, most units of the Population and Immigration Authority will be closed and will not receive the public, including the Bureaus of the Population Administration and the Administration of Foreign Workers.

    Please note that some services will be granted as the work permit unit is working (on a very reduced staff). 

    On the Population Authority’s website, the hours of operation and public reception at the offices of the Ministry of the Interior are updated every day.  During this period, there is limited activity in the offices, but the offices are active!  Applications for work permits and work visas for foreign experts are processed and the permits are being issued. You can contact us and be updated on a daily basis which offices are open, and what are their hours of operation.

    You can also keep up to date on the website of the Population and Immigration Authority –

    Meanwhile, PIBA has extended the period of validity of all valid visas held by foreigners in Israel, which are due to expire in the coming month. This includes foreign workers in Israel.

    The visas have been extended until November 9th, 2023. After this period -if there is no further notice- visa extension must be carried out as per the usual procedures.

    We wish you all to be safe and sound and for the safety of all Israel.


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