Immigration Law Update – Israel, November 6, 2023

    Dear Clients,

    We wish to draw your attention to a recent directive from the Population and Immigration Authority. The announcement that was published on October 29, 2023 regarding “the automatic extension of visas, effective until February 8, 2024” does not apply to foreign nationals in Israel holding work visas.

    Please be advised that specific guidelines concerning the extension procedures for foreign workers, including provisions for automatic extensions, are expected to be released shortly.

    At IFTACH HANAN & Co., we maintain continuous and direct engagement with key figures across various ministries, including with the head of the Visa Unit at the Population and Immigration Authority. Our concerted efforts are aimed at forging a compassionate and practical resolution that will facilitate the renewal of work visas and multiple-entry visas for those employees who have departed Israel amidst the prevailing security concerns.

    Our partnership with the Population and Immigration Authority is instrumental in streamlining the entry of foreign experts into Israel. This collaboration is pivotal in ensuring their seamless integration into ongoing projects within the country, thereby contributing to the uninterrupted functionality of our economy.

    Rest assured, we are committed to providing you with timely updates and comprehensive support as the situation evolves. Should you require immediate assistance or further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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