Immigration Law Update – Israel, November 19, 2023

    We at IFTACH HANAN & Co. are in constant and direct contact with all the relevant officials in all relevant ministries, including with the head of the Visas Unit in the Population and Immigration Authority. We work together to find the right solution which will allow the extension of visas, the entry of foreign experts into Israel, and the maintenance of functional continuity of the Israeli economy.

    The Israeli Ministry of Interior has informed IFTACH HANAN & co that in the below circumstances, they will consider waiver applications for B-1 work visa consular processing:

    1. If the local Israeli consulate is not functioning due to security concerns.
    2. If the employee didn’t extend his work visa on time, and left Israel before the new visa process had been completed.
    3. If the employee already completed the visa process at the Israeli consulate, and the visa has already expired.
    4. In an emergency case in which the foreign expert is required to participate in an urgent project, due to the shortage of workers in Israel.

    Our office can assist with submitting visa “waivers” on behalf of the employee and his dependents directly to the Ministry of Interior.
    The Ministry of Interior will request provision of standard consular processing documents such as police clearance, medical examinations, medical insurance, etc.. The Ministry will thoroughly evaluate these applications and, upon approval, will issue an official entry approval letter.


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