Immigration Law Update – Israel, January 9, 2024

    Updating the Average Salary in the Israeli Economy
    As of January 1, 2024, Israel’s National Insurance agency reports that the official average salary in the economy has risen to 12,379 NIS. Consequently, employers are now obligated to pay every foreign expert gross salary of 24,758 NIS (double the average salary). This salary requirement applies to work permits exceeding 3 months and does not apply to short-term work permits (visas up to 90 days).

    Important Salary-Related Details:

    • Payment Commencement: The salary must be paid from the employee’s first entry into Israel under the B-1 work visa, regardless of the actual work start date.
    • Nature of Salary: The mentioned salary is a gross amount and does not include overtime or expense reimbursements.
    • Allowable Deductions: Fixed deduction amounts are permitted from the employee’s salary as per regulations. These are generally minimal, and consulting an Israeli CPA specializing in immigration law is recommended for specifics.
    • Food and Beverages Deductions: These can only be deducted from the salary with the employee’s prior written consent and must not exceed 10% of the salary.

    For detailed information regarding the expert salary, please contact our office


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