Immigration Law Update – Israel January 4, 2022

    Israel reopens her gates to foreigners from yellow and orange countries and reduces the list of red countries.

    Policy update regarding arrival of foreigners
    Starting from Sunday, January 9, 2022, vaccinated/recovering foreigners arriving from orange countries will be allowed to come to Israel if they meet all requirements of the Ministry of Interior:

    ✈️ Fully vaccinated/recovered –

    • The employee received two doses (of a vaccine recognized by the World Health Organization) and at least 14 days have passed from the second dose by the day of entry into Israel (but no more than 180 days have passed before departing Israel).


    • They received a booster dose and at least 14 days have passed by the day of entry into Israel.

    Recovered –
    Carriers of a certificate of recovery that can be digitally verified in the Ministry of Health’s system, based on a test result on a NAAT test (a molecular test similar to PCR):

    • Those who arrived in Israel 11 days or more after their NAAT test (but no more than 190 days on the date of their departure from Israel).
    • Those who, in addition to their recovery, have also been vaccinated with at least one dose of the World Health Organization-approved vaccines, before or after recovery.

    ✈️Obtaining an entry statement form from the Ministry of Health successfully (no more than 48 hours before the scheduled time of departure).
    ✈️ The worker is not coming from one of the red countries.
    ✈️ Medical insurance that covers COVID-19.
    More information regarding the requirements of the Ministry of Health can be found on their website.


    • Unvaccinated/not recovering foreigners will not be allowed to enter into Israel.
    • Foreigners from red countries, except if their arrival was approved by the Exceptions Committee, will not be allowed to enter into Israel.

    Updating the list of red countries
    Israel will remove from the list of red countries and relocate to the list of orange countries the following countries: South Africa, Hungary, Nigeria, Spain, Portugal, France, Canada.

    Countries, remaining on the list of red countries as of now are:
    United Arab Emirates, USA, Ethiopia, UK, Tanzania, Mexico, Switzerland, Sweden and Turkey.

    The list of classifications of the countries is updated on the Ministry of Health’s website.

    Starting from today vaccinated people/recovering who return from orange countries will do PCR testing in Ben Gurion airport and will enter into quarantine for 24 hours or until obtaining a negative result (the earliest among them).

    Unvaccinated people/not recovered who return from orange countries, will enter into home quarantine for 14 days, with a possibility for quarantine shortening upon obtaining a negative PCR test result, carried out on day 7 since landing in Israel (landing day is the first day).


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