Immigration Law Update – Israel, January 30, 2024

    Important Update on the Import of Skilled Foreign Workers in Israel for the Industrial Sector

    We wish to inform you of a significant development concerning the import of foreign workers in Israel. The CEO of the Population and Immigration Authority, addressing the current security situation and the urgent need in the industrial sector, has recently approved the importation of skilled foreign workers (Classified as Group D: non-professional Foreign Workers). This decision is specifically applicable to workers from countries where the GDP per capita is lower than that of Israel.

    Key Points of the Announcement:

    1. Timeframe for Entry: The approved workers are required to enter Israel within a 60-day period following this announcement.
    2. Company Obligations: It is imperative for companies employing these foreign workers to ensure that no recruitment or travel fees were charged to the workers in question.
    3. Country-Specific Limitation: The approval for importing foreign workers is restricted to specific countries, which have been individually approved by the authority. This decision takes into account several factors including government decisions, security considerations, immigration policies, and the prevention of human trafficking.

    In the coming days, PIBA is expected to announce the specific countries from which foreign workers can be brought.

    We recommend our clients to review their current and future employment needs in light of this update and to plan accordingly. If your company is considering utilizing this opportunity to meet labor demands, it is crucial to comply with all the stipulated requirements and regulations.

    For further information or assistance in navigating these new procedure, please feel free to contact us.


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