Immigration Law Update – Israel August 10, 2022

    Notice on Updated Industrial Worker Procedure
    Yesterday, the Ministry of Economy and Industry re-opened the experimental procedure of obtaining work permits for foreign industrial workers without academic degrees, to be paid a salary of no less than 130% of the average Israeli salary. Certain professions will require a salary equal to the average salary in the profession.

    This special procedure allows bringing foreign employees to Israel without requiring employers to meet strict threshold conditions such as bank guarantees.
    The updated procedure has a quota of only 1500 positions (instead of 2,000 as was published on 7.11.2021), divided into four groups of professions:

    1. Group A: Industrial and manufacturing engineers / mechanical engineers.
    2. Group B: Engineers, technicians, electricians, mechanics, forklift operators, welders, joiners, engravers, millers, operators of computerized machine operators, machine polishers, tool sharpeners, blacksmiths and others.
    3. Group C: Storekeepers, spray painters, varnishers, machine operators, and furniture carpenters.
    4. Group D: Workers in exceptional professions.

    Important notes:

    • Only companies that are classified as “industry employers” can submit applications under this procedure.
    • The permit ceiling for the employer will not exceed 10% of the total number of Israeli employees in the company (Palestinian workers will not be included in this calculation). For example, in a company that has 20 Israeli employees, it will be possible to hire up to two foreign employees, at most, according to the new procedure.
    • Regarding Groups  B, C, and D, the company can employ foreign workers only from a list of specific countries that has been published in the procedure.
    • The employer is obligated to make a deposit for each foreign worker every month.
    • The higher the proportion of Israeli employees in a company, the higher priority the company will receive in the quota.

    The process involves 3 separate stages:

    1. Receiving recommendations from the Ministry of Economy and Industry.
    2. Receiving a quota permit from the Work Permit Unit.
    3. Obtaining work permits for specific employees from the Work Permit Unit.

    For more information and assistance in submitting the industry procedure application, you are invited to contact us.


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