The Entry of Foreign Journalists into Israel

    The Entry of Foreign Journalists into Israel  

    Foreign journalists who wish to enter Israel must  have an appropriate application to the Israeli Population and Immigration Authority submitted by a representative of the Israeli media. 

    Journalists who arrive for a period of one year or more (including for a permanent posting) will also be asked to attach a recommendation from the Government Press Office (GPO). In cases where there is no representation of the media in Israel, the foreign journalist must submit the application through the Israeli consulate at the journalist’s place of residence. 

    Foreign journalists must meet all of the following requirements: 

    • Obtaining an entry permit. 
    • Presenting a negative PCR test result (for COVID-19) from up to 72 hours prior to leaving the country of origin. Upon arrival in Israel, the foreign journalist must perform an additional PCR test at Ben Gurion Airport. 
    • Isolation upon entering Israel for a period of 14 days, according to the instructions of the Israeli Ministry of Health. 
    • Passengers who recovered from COVID-19 or who received the vaccine outside of Israel must go into isolation upon arrival, but they can then apply for an exemption. 

    The Government Press Office is responsible for issuing a GPO card for the foreign journalist, subject to their procedures. 

    Important: The entry of foreign nationals into Israel is subject to the presentation of health insurance (including a section covering COVID-19). 

    Passengers must stay up-to-date with published guidance and restrictions regarding all matters that relate to entering and departing Israel, which can be found on the Israeli Ministry of Health’s website.  

    Our office will be delighted to assist with the processing of B-1 work visas for foreign journalists. 


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