Israeli work permits for Israeli hi-tech companies

    There is a unique procedure (Procedure No. 5.3.0043) for hi-tech companies in Israel that allows a company to obtain an Israeli work visa for a foreign worker in accordance with the Foreign Workers Law. A high-tech company that has been recognized by the National Authority for Technological Innovation can hire a foreign expert and obtain a work permit for him. This is a fast and efficient procedure in which the work permit is received within a number of working days.  

    This expedited procedure allows a work visa for Israel to be applied for via three different routes for recognized high-tech companies:

    Expedited procedure for a period of up to 90 days – An Israeli work visa for a period of up to 90 days, with a short processing time and with the easing of application procedures. The company undertakes to pay the foreign expert twice the average salary in the Israeli economy, under the conditions set forth in the procedure. As part of this route, there is no need to go to the Israeli consulate abroad, and the foreign expert can be brought to Israel within a few days.

    A work permit for a period of over 90 days – An Israeli work visa for a period of one year. This is a particularly fast route, which allows the issuance of a work permit within a number of business days (this differs from a normal procedure in which the duration of the process is 45-60 days on average). This route includes a consular procedure at the Israeli consulate abroad, and the permit can be extended for an additional year. This unique procedure also allows the spouses of foreign workers to receive a general B/1 work visa (without limitation) which allows the spouse to work in Israel for any Israeli employer without the need to obtain a work permit.

    Employment of a foreign academic – A high-tech company may receive a work visa for a foreign employee who has completed a full academic degree at an Israeli institution of higher education, in one of the following subjects: electrical engineering, electronics, computers (including software engineering), information systems or computer science. As part of this track, the high-tech company is not obligated to pay the academic graduate a salary of twice the average salary in the Israeli economy.

    The Steps for Employing Foreign Workers in Israel

    Applying for a work permit and work visa for foreign workers includes several steps:

    • Submitting an application for the issuance of a work permit to Israel for a foreign worker at the Permits Unit of the Population, Immigration and Border Crossings Authority in Jerusalem.
    • Submitting an application for the issuance of a work visa to Israel for a type B/1 foreign expert and an entry visa to Israel at the Ministry of Interior, and sending the confirmation to the Israeli consulate abroad.
    • Applying for a work visa at the Israeli consulate in the foreign worker’s country of origin (usually a type B/1 work visa is issued for a period of one month only). This procedure is not required within the expedited procedure of up to 90 days.
    • Extending the work visa for the requested period upon entry of a foreign expert to Israel, and submitting an application for a multiple entry visa to the Ministry of Interior.


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