Immigration Law Update – Israel March 28, 2022

    New High-Tech Employee Immigration Track for Ukrainian and Russian Refugees

    Thousands of Ukrainians and Russians have arrived in Israel, and thousands more want to do so. Some qualify to immigrate under the Law of Return and others do not. A new “green track” for such refugees will allow Israeli high-tech companies to facilitate their arrival and immigration to Israel.

    Currently, this new track will apply to refugees who work remotely for Israeli high-tech companies or who have recently arrived in the country. Employees who qualify for the Law of Return, as well as their families, will enjoy an expedited four-day qualification check once they have submitted their documentation. During the immigration process, they will be granted work permits.

    Also under the new green track, a worker who does not qualify for the Law of Return can receive a temporary work permit and entry permit within four days. Companies can apply for special permission to extend their employment beyond 90 days, which can apply for the workers’ families as well.

    For additional information and to apply for this status, contact our office.


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