Immigration Law Update – Israel, June 18, 2024

    Approval for the Arrival of 92,000 New Foreign Workers to Israel

    The Inter-Ministerial Committee on Foreign Workers, chaired by the directors-general of government ministries, has approved the arrival of 92,000 foreign workers to Israel across four sectors.

    The committee decided to approve the following quotas:

    • Agriculture: 65,000 (with an additional 5,000 workers to be supplied if 85% utilization is achieved)
    • Industry: 13,200
    • Hotels: 6,800
    • Restaurants: 2,000

    This marks the first-ever approval for the arrival of foreign workers in the restaurant sector in Israel (excluding a few ethnic expert chefs who have been coming to Israel for many years). This approval will provide tangible assistance to the sectors of the economy that have been waiting a long time for the arrival of workers.


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