Immigration Law Update – Israel, January 2, 2023

    All Work Visas Now Being Handled by Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority in Jerusalem.
    The Population and Immigration Authority has announced that the issuance of work visas will no longer be handled by the Ministry of Interior’s branches.

    According to PIBA, starting next week- January 8, 2023 – all work permit and work visa applications will be handled by a dedicated unit in Jerusalem in order to consolidate all work permits and visas into one unit.

    Updated 2023 Government Fee Amounts for Work Permits and Visas
    Work Permit Fee
    : 1,300 NIS.
    Work Visa Annual Fee: 10,525 NIS.
    Multiple Entry Fee: 185 NIS.

    Changes in the Entry Policy for Chinese Foreign Workers
    Starting Tuesday, January 3, 2023, a foreign worker arriving in Israel from China will be required to undergo a PCR test that was performed within 72 hours before boarding the flight to Israel.
    An employee who arrives at the border without the aforementioned test results will be refused entry to Israel and the airline will be required to return him to the destination from which he came.

    This instruction is valid for foreign workers holding a type B1 work visa only.


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