Easing Measures for Foreign Construction Workers from India and Their Transfer to the Industry Sector

    In recent months, thousands of foreign workers have arrived in Israel to work in the construction sector under a bilateral agreement between Israel and India. All foreign workers underwent professional screening tests. Despite this, there are manpower contractors who are unwilling to employ them, leaving many foreign workers in Israel without employment.

    In light of the severe labor shortage and the fact that these foreign workers have already arrived in Israel, the Population and Immigration Authority wishes to facilitate their employment in Israel. Therefore, two important easing measures are being announced to address the immediate labor needs in various sectors.

    A. In the Construction Sector:

    1. Workers can be employed in renovation and infrastructure work.
    2. Workers can be employed at renovation sites, not just construction sites.
    3. Workers can be employed in essential service facilities and critical factories.
    4. The minimum number of monthly working hours for which wages must be paid can be reduced to 182 hours per month.

    B. In the Industry Sector:

    • Foreign workers can be transferred to the industry sector by submitting an appropriate request.

    We welcome the Population and Immigration Authority’s decision to publish this resolution and hope that further decisions will be made to help overcome the severe labor shortage in various sectors, especially in the industry sector which requires skilled workers.


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