The Iftach Hanan & Co. law firm, led by Adv. Iftach Hanan- Chairman of the Immigration and Foreigners Committee of the Bar Association, specializes in immigration, relocation and foreign expert law, and is considered one of Israel’s leading firms in this sector. The firm is regularly ranked in the BDI Attorney's Ranking Guide as a leading firm in its field.

    Due to our firm’s vast experience and uncompromising approach, our skilled lawyers are able to obtain work permits and work visas of all kinds, swiftly and efficiently. Methodological and meticulous, the firm adheres to the unique legal specifications of each sector, country, or objective. Subsequently, the client obtains a tailored, objective-specific, legal solution which allows the company and the expert, upon relocation, to focus on the core activities of the project/vocation whilst fully complying with the relevant legal requirements.

    In addition, we specialize in arranging legal status in Israel for foreign spouses of Israeli citizens, assist in the Aliyah (immigration) process including proof of Judaism, handle refusal of entry and / or deportation from Israel, and provide legal advice and comprehensive assistance in dealing with all immigration issues before the Ministry of Interior and Population and Immigration Authority. We represent a long list of local and international corporations and companies, with hundreds of satisfied customers and countless successes.



    Adv. Iftach Hanan is one of the leading attorneys in Israel in the field of immigration law. Adv. Hanan serves as Chairman of the Immigration and Foreigners Committee of the Israel Bar Association and uses his status to promote issues of corporate (companies) and private immigration (foreign spouses, Aliyah/immigration processes, etc.) before the Israeli state authorities.
    Adv. Hanan has extensive professional experience in all areas of immigration and in particular in the field of relocating foreign experts to Israel. Over the years, Adv. Hanan has advised key players in some of the largest projects carried out in the Israeli economy, in addition to assisting private clients in complex cases with the immigration authorities in Israel.


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